We have compiled the most frequently asked questions and answers about the online course.

What is visualization?
A visualization is a pictorial representation and thus a visual display of information. Non-verbal symbols are understood way faster and easier than text by most people, because our human visual perception is unusally very high.
Why learn how to visualize online?
Many people have too little time to take part in an on-site classroom training. They have to react flexibly to their professional requirements and can therefore hardly plan. 
With the VizTrain online course, participants can decide for themselves when and where they want to learn.
There is no need to pay for classroom rentals, accommodation or travel expenses. Exchanging with the trainers and others in the learning cohort supports progress and helps to deepen the learning experience. The VizTrain online course therefore offer the best start into visualizing yourself. Because it is the easiest access, fastest start and the most cost-effective.
You also offer on-site classroom training – what’s the difference to an online course?
A classroom training takes place at a certain location, at a certain time – the high flexibility that an online course like VizTrain offers is therefore not given.
But any direct interaction is better with on-site trainings: The presence of the trainer in the room makes it possible to respond more directly to any personal questions and individual needs than the online format allows. We therefore recommend classroom trainings especially for learning types for whom personal interaction with others is a great incentive and thus an essential part of learning. Furthermore, for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge and deepen it through personal exchange.
How does the online course work?
The VizTrain visualization course is modular. It consists of six modules that build on each other. In each module there are concrete instructions and the participants are given enough time in between to complete practice and exercises. From time to time we might offer live online calls where we answer questions.
How do I know if the online course is right for me?
The VizTrain online course is basically suitable for everyone who is in contact with other people; i.e. everyone from students to volunteers to professionals, who are looking for a highly valuable training impulse. In addition, VizTrain is aimed at employees and freelancers who want to express themselves visually and enhance their communication. But anybody interested in using new meeting formats and participative methods can benefit from VizTrain. Whenever conventional methods reach their limits, VizTrain is an appropriate training option. If one of these examples fits your situation, VizTrain might be for you.
I have no talent for drawing. Does such a course bring me any benefit at all?
Almost every one of our basic course participants has such concerns – at the same time we all doodled as children. Our workshops are not about creating beauty, but much more about depicting words and contexts. It is very important to us that our participants have an experience of achieving something, which we have always succeeded in doing.
How much time do I have to plan?
All VizTrain learning modules are very compact so that every participant can work his way through the course quickly. One module contains several videos of about 3 to 4 minutes each. Between the modules each participant will practice and spend time according to one’s own estimation and possibilities. 
The overall course time is therefore a very individual time investment and cannot be specified therefore concretely. However, we assume that 30 minutes per exercise and module will be sufficient.
Definitely it is important to invest time and practice. The course is built according to a one day residential training, where students invest poractice time as well.
What are the prerequisites for participation?
Bring an open mind, a willingness to learn and an attitude of engagement. In our experience every person is creative. And, as stated above: Bring some time to practice.
Additionally you need to bring some markers and paper. We will offer a trusted source of material, as well as other recommendations.
I am an illustrator and can draw quite well. Does it still make sense for me to participate?
Visualization is not illustration and it is about much more than drawing. Networking pieces of information, their interrelation, the fast (but not necessarily beautiful) doodling of content and the integration of group and business processes are in the foreground. Skills such as listening, intuition, reducing complexity are also part of this. This is suitable for the first step in visualization, after that maybe our on-site Advanced Workshop (www.visualisierung.training) is also a fit. We take everyone by the hand to take the first steps in visualization –
with illustration knowledge as a basis.
Do I also get individual feedback from you?
Yes, we have a closed Facebook group for VizTrain. Participants can join and get in touch with us. You can upload your practice samples, and we might give you direct feedback. We thus build our shared common learning community.
What are the technical requirements? I’m not tech-savy and don’t really dare taking an online course. What do I need to know technically?
You need good Internet access and a current browser version, preferably on a computer and not a mobile device. That’s all!
How can I register for the online course?
You can register online via the viztrain.com website (registration form). Your access to the online course will be activated immediately after receipt of payment.
How is payment handled and what payment methods do you offer?
You can pay by credit card or Paypal and get access to the online course immediately. 
Your payment is handled through DigiStore24, a trusted and secure payment provider. Please note that we at Visual Facilitators do not handle your payment and are not responsible for any invoicing, returns and credit card issues. We work with a full release of covenant / assignment of claim to DigiStore24 as our trusted payment provider.
Do I get an invoice and where can I see my order?
You will automatically receive an email from DigStore24. In that email, scroll down to "To get your invoice, follow this link" - click that link in your email to get your invoice!
If you need to lookup your order/payment, please click here to access the respective DigiStore24 page: Find my order 
For other questions you can contact DigiStore24 here.
What is included in the price for the online course?
The price includes the online course with all modules and access to the Facebook learning community. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of successful participation in the training.
What is special about your visualization workshops?
We love what we do. And we believe that visualization is an important skill for the challenges of our time – and we are happy to pass it on. Our team has years of experience in the practical application of many types of visualization. Together we have created thousands of graphic recordings, flipcharts, screens and other applications and worked with hundreds of customers. Didactic skills and a dedication to serve our participants complete our special offer.
What else does Visual Facilitators offer?
As one of the largest providers of visual faciltation services in the world, we contribute to reaching both mind, heart and soul, shaping the future and simplifying complexity – by visualizing values, strategies, visions or processes:
Graphic Recording: Visual Documentation
Visual Facilitation: Visually Supported Group Processes
Strategic Visualization: Visualization of Corporate Strategies
Visualization training: Learn to visualize in interactive format
• Explanatory videos: see explainas.com
If required, we will be happy to advise you and send you a non-binding offer for events or projects: visualfacilitators.com