Payment Confirmation

Thank you for ordering the VizTrain Neuland Kit – your materials for the VizTrain Online Course.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about the VizTrain Materials
When will my shipment arrive?
Depending on your location / country, it will take between 2 and 10 days until your shipment arrives. North American orders are drop-shipped directly from Neuland®’s Germany location and will arrive via FedEx International Priority service; which takes approximately 2-4 business days. Please note this is not a guaranteed service and does not account for any unforseen delays. Deliveries will be only on business days as well. FedEx overnight service is unfortunately not available for us to offer.
Please note that Neuland®, the global leader in visualization materials, in located in Germany and only ships from there. You get the best, and this requires some patience. Please continue with the course (module 2) after you have your materials.

With whom will my shipment be delivered?
Depending on your location the following shipping providers will deliver your parcel:
USA, Canada: FedEx
Australia, Asia, South Africa: FedEx
EU countries: DPD
Switzerland: DPD
Albania, Andorra, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegowina, Greenland, Island, Kosovo, Lichtenstein, Mazedonia, Moldavia, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, San Marino, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, Vatikan: FedEx

What will be in my order? Do I need anything else?
You will receive a set of markers

How do I receive my bills?
You will receive your invoice by email after completion of your order. You can enter a fixed recipient address for invoices in your customer account under “Invoice / Delivery”:

Can I change the address or shipping information on my package?
You can do that only right now. If you drop us an email before the shipment is being made, we can try to change your address. You need to give your exact name and address as you provided it with your order.

I was contacted to pay duties and taxes and fear high charges. Can I stop shipment of my parcel?
Unfortunately no. We cannot predict if and which charges all countries in the world may charge, and we told so before your order. We also think that the benefits of having these premium visualization materials by Neuland outweigh any additional charges.

My shipment provider contacted me about an “attempted delivery.” When will the carrier be back to deliver my parcel?
This depends who is the shipment company (FedEx or DPD). Typically, the carrier will be back the next business day. Sometimes they will reattempt delivery later in the same day. It is also possible they will hold the parcel awaiting pick-up at a local distribution center, and in this case they will leave a calling card at the your address.

Where is the pick up location for collecting my parcel?
The location varies depending on the carrier. A calling card left after a delivery attempt will provide such details. If not you may inquire with the carrier.

Read our general FAQ for more about other course questions.