Thank You

THANK YOU, dear future visual genius,

for your purchase of the VizTrain Online Course

What happens next?

  1. You will receive an email from DigiStore24 confirming your payment. In there you will ready a line “click here to access your product”. Please note: This will not be how you can access the course! This will be via the next email:
  2. You will receive an email from VizTrain with your login details of the course and the link of the access page where you can login. This will bring you to the course dashboard.
  3. You can then login there and start with module 1!
  4. Once you are moving into module 2 of the course you will need visualization material (markers, pens, paper). There are three ways to get this: you either buy it from your local stationary shop, or from Amazon, or you buy our special package that we have create with Neuland®, the global brand for visual practitioners. Click here to check out what we preparaed for you!

Should you have additional questions regarding course delivery, payment, etc. please check our FAQ – VizTrain Frequently Asked Questions and our answers. Thank you!