VizTrain Online Course: Your Gear & Materials

Your Gear / Materials for the VizTrain Online Course

Your online training needs practice. This is an essential part of your learning. It will be easy when you have your stuff. And much less without. You need to buy some markers etc.

This is the official companion material for the VizTrain Online Course.

Or go the convenient route and order our special Neuland® package, that Neuland has exclusively composed for this course. Your special price: US $ 22.00 plus shipping (see below).

VizTrain Visualization Online Course Neuland Material KitWhat you get:
• 3 Neuland Outliner markers in three thicknesses
• 1 highlight color Neuland BigOne
• 1 grey shadow marker Neuland BigOne
• 1 Sketchbook

Made by the global brand for visual practice: NEULAND®. With clever ergonomics and a simple refilling feature.

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FOR US $ 22 + SHIPPING (see below)

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See additional questions and answers about the course and your payment here on our FAQ Page.